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How Cryptocurrency Is Making a Difference for Local Small Business Owners

Cryptocurrency is a hotly discussed topic in certain circles on the Internet, but until pretty recently, it was confined to that space. Extremely online people would go back and forth on social media debating the merits of one token or another and dissecting the finer points of blockchain technology, while the rest of the “real world” went on about their business. Try Automated Crypto Trading with Gunbot . But for small businesses, cryptocurrencies present a major opportunity, and some are taking notice. Here are five (mostly positive) ways that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are impacting local businesses. 1. Crypto Can Eliminate Transaction Fees Credit card companies often charge 2-3% of a total purchase in transaction fees to the merchant for the “privilege” of being paid via their system. That cuts into small business’ profits in a much more noticeable way than larger companies, and for businesses whose margins are already small, that can spell big trouble for the bott

Is Bitcoin Dying? Key Takeaways from This Year’s Massive Crypto Correction

Is Bitcoin Dying? Key Takeaways from This Year’s Massive Crypto Correction As of July 2nd, over 800 cryptocurrencies were valued at less than one cent, making them effectively dead. As of the writing of this article, Bitcoin, the original flagship cryptocurrency, was sitting at 70% below its peak price. Although the notoriously volatile currency may have spiked back up by the time you read this, a lot of people have had their confidence in the revolutionary digital money shattered by the correction. Bitcoin isn’t dead just yet, but here are some lessons to be learned for people still interested in cryptocurrencies. 1. Choose Your Exchanges Wisely The coin exchanges through which people trade cryptocurrencies have become popular targets for hackers, who are able to steal huge troves of data if they breach the exchanges’ defenses. South Korea’s Bithumb was the victim of a brutal $30 million hack in 2018, which saw increased regulations from the Korean government as a result.

What Is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

What Is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency , and more than 9 years after its introduction, it’s still the most visible and popular form of digital money. It’s maintained supremacy in spite of the thousands of imitators inspired by its success, including everything from heavy hitters like Ethereum to jokey tokens like DogeCoin. But somewhere in the fracas, Bitcoin spawned its own child, a new coin called Bitcoin Cash. Why is there a need for two kinds of Bitcoin? What’s the origin of Bitcoin Cash? And is there a significant difference between the two? The Problem with Bitcoin Although Bitcoin has proven that cryptocurrency is a feasible concept, and made many people extremely wealthy along the way, it’s not perfect. The Bitcoin network can process seven transactions per second. That might seem like a lot, but compare that to Visa, the world’s largest credit card company. Visa processes an average of 1,700 transactions every sec

Gunthy Token Giveaway!

We are very excited to offer all Gunbot license owners a chance to enter our Gunthy Token giveaway. To enter, simply click on the link below and be sure you follow the rules of the giveaway. The most important Giveaway Rules are: Only Gunbot owners can enter the token giveaway (based on the registered Gunthy Wallet address) Get more GUNTHY tokens by completing the tasks below. Every 5 points will get you 100 GUNTHY tokens . A Gunbot owner can only participate once in the token giveaway. The Gunthy tokens are only delivered to registered Gunthy Wallets (only to registered Gunbot owners)  

Gunbot & Kraken Futures Competition 2020

Gunbot and Kraken Celebrate 'Futures Trading Integration' with a $10000 Competition! Kraken Futures is excited to announce a new integration with  Gunbot , one of the oldest and most trusted algorithmic trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. Targeted at both professional and amateur traders, software applications such as Gunbot democratize access to precise and sophisticated trading strategies. Kraken has a long-standing relationship with Gunbot, as our spot exchange integrated its technology in 2016. Starting today, Gunbot clients will be able to send orders directly to Kraken Futures to buy and sell contracts denominated in XBT, ETH, LTC, XRP, and BCH. Read the full story on Kraken's Blog: How to participate in the Gunbot - Kraken Futures Competition Download the latest Gunbot version from Github