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Robert "Crypto" Beadles on How to Get Started with Cryptocurrency - Close Minded Podcast Episode 13

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Cryptocurrency is a complicated subject to grasp well. Currency alone is something everyone understands, but add all the other terms into the mix—cryptography, decentralization, nodes, distributed ledgers, public and private keys, etc—and the average citizen either panics or gets glossy-eyed.

Robert Beadles has written a very basic, entry-level overview of what cryptocurrency is, how it works and—most importantly—why it matters and how it could change the world. He gives a high level conceptual overview of how to acquire crypto, how to manage and protect it, and also how to use it for transactions. As the CEO of a startup that provides a crypto wallet which supports all the major coins out there, he knows what he’s talking about.

I consider myself a very interested, moderately-informed, tech savvy observer of (and cheerleader for) the revolution that crypto and blockchain promise. No matter one’s level of expertise, it is always helpful to re-read the basics, and Robert Beadles’ intro is a great place to start.

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Robert!

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